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What documentation do you need to file tax return? 

 Filling in the tax return forms might be straightforward. Having the right information is the challenge.Why not check the following list to make sure you have the relevant documentation or records available before you start? 

 Employee Returns 

(if you have an additional income like property income, interests or gains) : 


    •P60, P45 and P11D from your employer 

    • Pension records (state and private) 

    •State benefits such as sick pay and maternity pay 

    •Interest payments from bank and building society accounts 

    •Dividends and annuities  

    •Capital gains•Asset disposal 

    •Property income 

    •Foreign income 


   Employment expenses 

    •Pension contributions 

    •Employee share schemes 

    •Student loans 

   Sole Traders will need to pull together: 


    •Mileage logs 

    •Expenses receipts 

    •Bank statements showing transactions, charges and interest 

    •Transaction details 

    •VAT returns 


    If your tax affairs are a little more complicated, then USB Accounts Ltd offers a complete tax return to make sure you pay no more than required.